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2015 Officers

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Name Office Honours
W. Bro. Keith Veness Worshipful Master PPGSwdB, PM
Bro. Brian Braun Senior Warden
W. Bro. William Hamilton Junior Warden   
Bro. Clive Morris Chaplain  PPAGStdB
W. Bro. Colin Cooke  Treasurer  PPGSwdB, PM
W. Bro. Nigel Barry Secretary  ProvSGD, PM 
W. Bro. Gary Benn Director of Ceremonies PPrAGReg, PM
W. Bro. Terry Mahoney Almoner   PPAGReg, PM
W. Bro. Ian Duncan Charity Steward  PPrGSwdB, PM
W. Bro. Len Knight Lodge Mentor  PPJGW (Surrey), PM
Bro. Stuart A Hill Senior Deacon 
Bro. Paul Saunders Junior Deacon  -
W. Bro. Ian Duncan Assistant DC  PPGSwdB, PM 
Vacant Assistant Secretary 
Bro. Paul Renaud Inner Guard  -
Bro. Derek Rainer Steward 
Bro. Theodhoros Nicolaou Dining Steward 
Bro. Norman Salmon Steward 
Bro. Steve Ackerman Steward 
Bro. Gavin Douglas-Kellie  Tyler  PPAGStdB 
W. Bro. Colin Cochran Organist PPSGD, PM 
W. Bro. Andrew Salmon IPM PM

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Established in 1813 there have been 169 masters of Derwent Lodge.

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