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Masonic Charity Giving

Freemasonry is all about Charity. Listen to what we do here...

From our Provincial Grand Master

As Freemasons we are often asked what we do, what we are about, and most often what is Freemasonry? There are many answers to these questions and we could be here hours, but primarily Freemasonry is about charity!

Being in lockdown doesn't stop us raising money either! This is because Freemasons don't raise money from outside, you'll never see a Freemason shaking a tin at you on a street corner, we raise money from within, and only as much as we can afford.

In the video below, the Provincial Grand Master of Sussex takes some time to let us all know how the Province is doing with our charitable donations. I am sure that you will be as impressed by the numbers as we all were!

The preamble finishes at 45 seconds so you can start from there if you want to skip the intro.

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