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Derwent Brethren visit Mühlhausen

Brethren from Derwent Lodge in Hastings visited Germany in June 2014...

On June 19th 2014 a meeting was held in Mühlhausen, in the former East Germany. The meeting was to acknowledge and celebrate the links between Derwent Lodge No. 40 in Hastings and the Brethren in Mühlhausen.

Derwent Brethren have visited the Johannis Freimaurerloge in Mühlhausen many times. Since 1990, when the the lodge was formally re-established  after the fall of the East German regime, Hastings Brethren have supported the lodge.

Photo: W.Bro. Gary Benn

This year many other English Brethren were also invited to visit. These Brethren are friends of Derwent Lodge, Hastings, and many took the opportunity to see this historic lodge. More information and photos will follow!

The Mühlhausen lodge address and website is:

Johannis Freimaurerloge
Hermann zur brüderlichen Einigkeit #983


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