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Awards for 3 Derwent Masons

The Hasting's Carnival Committee acknowledged the contribution made by three Derwent Masons...

The Hasting's Carnival Committee often points out contributions that make a real difference to the event and this year, 2014, three Derwent Masons' contribution to the Carnival was recognised.

These brethren donated their time and expertise to build the float for the Hasting's Carnival Queen to use. However particular notice was taken of the fact that they also donated all the material necessary for its construction as well!

3-sussex -freemasons

The three Sussex Freemasons honoured are pictured above with the yellow ribbons. 

Even more interesting is the fact that they are Son, Uncle and Father! There is a tradition in many masonic lodges of extended families being present and working in the lodge. Indeed, one local lodge boasts of 80 years continuous service by one family in the last century.



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